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Our company suggests link exchange, blogs, forums and polls. Affiliates and
partner links. Translate your website, Ad campaigns, meetings, webinars. pay per
clicks, purchasing traffic. Emailing, mobile advertising, Social Media,
classified ads, giveaways, Advertise sales ,coupons, discounts and promotions
for a product or service. and so much more. What option(s) can you suggest and
what has indeed helped to increase your traffic?
9 steps of an un optimized title tag:

Avoid these simple step and you'll be ahead of the game, ranking higher in
search results and encouraging more people to visit your site.

1. "Home" or "Home Page" in title tag
2. Domain name in title tag
3. Too long title tag
4. Too short title tag
5. No keywords
6. Only the business name
7. First words aren't important or eye-catching
8. Doesn't include geographic location (if location is important to business)
9. Too many keywords that might make it look spammy

How Firefox can help you?

Old plugins can disturb browsing and waste your
valuable time. Old plugins increase your risk for attack by virus, malware
and other security threats. Updated plugins includes improvements that make
the web better and safer for you.Firefox will in the future update plug ins for you.
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Why is it important to have one ?

Having a free site counter, yes free is a very important tool towards
building a successful website. With a site counter you can track not only
detailed statistics, but also ratings and comments about your site. Your site
gets listed and ranked with a site counter website of your choice. Your Website
will be in their directory gathering information on your website using the
number of visitors, feedback, page reviews, average time a visitor spends,
popular operating system, country most visits came from, page reviews, top
referrals, browsers, search engines and site weight. A website counter is a very
detailed statistics about your overall website. Some counters might even offer a
ranking system and voting through a fully-customizable counter.
FREE site counter with built-in rating and feedback features.

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E  mail marketing is still a powerful tool. Instant messaging, social media
and advancing technologies haven’t eradicated off this marketing tactic.

Companies are using email to reach new subscribers, encourage upsells, and
reengage customers who have been missing out on a products or services.

Is your email marketing strategy not performing as well as it should or as well
as it could? As you look to improve your email marketing efforts and open rates,
consider taking these four tips.

 Subject Lines
The subject line and introductory paragraph of your email can make all the difference in open and
click rates. If you’re offering a discount, limited, sale or exclusive trial, or
running a promotion, make sure to include that information in your subject line
and/or introduction. Subject lines and a brief introduction are all that’s
visible. In such a very small window such as a mobile phone, you need to ensure
your subject line and introduction quickly attracts the reader attention and
engages them so they will open the email.

 Focus on amazing your audience
 Whether it’s a teaser, a lust-worthy offer or an interesting question, the
subject line and introduction paragraph must be an attention grabber. If you’re
sending an email based on a trigger (an action taken by the customer that
automates an email response), ensure your subject line and introductory
paragraph connects them directly back to that action so that the email is a
fresh, yet easily associated, impression on the customer.

Testing your send time is critical. From the day of the week to a specific time,
improving open rates starts with getting the email to land in a customer’s inbox
at the right time. Set your database at random. Send one segment of emails
in the email during the morning, send the next segment midday, and send the
final segment at night. Please keep in mind send segments to different emails
address( remember don't spam). This way you can see your business higher open
time rates. The results will differ from business to business but this is a
great way to start optimizing the timing of your email blasts. Again, a
triggered email should be timely so make sure your timing with email automation
is on point.

Customers want to feel connected. They don’t want to be just another name, email or face in the crowd.
Personalizing emails is a great way for your business to increase its open rate. Custom personalization in an email subject line can lead to a nearly 10% greater open rate. Personal touch Include personal touches in your emails to make an
immediate connection with your reader. Segment your list separately by social data, such as birthdays and likes, and then include a personal touch and you’ll be able to foster the relationship that’s already begun. Be careful of going
over board, keep the communication on a business level. Email marketing is a key component in every business. As customers’ inboxes become flooded with massive amounts of businesses, how do you ensure yours stands out? A great eye catchy subject line and a touch of personalization within an email sent at the right time is where you can start optimizing up your email marketing efforts and open rates. Free trial of email marketing.


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